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BMW’s iX5 Hydrogen Undergoing Winter Testing

GP:50 is staying on the cutting edge of the hydrogen industry, providing pressure and temperature transmitters for applications in both OEM fueling stations and cryogenic storage applications. For more insight into what’s in store for the hydrogen industry, take a look at this article from Automotive Testing Technology:

Though much of the public’s gaze is drawn to the swathe of battery electric vehicles currently hitting the market, major manufacturers, including BMW, are still pressing ahead with fuel cell vehicle development.

In the case of the Bavarian marque, it has recently conducted winter testing of its iX5 Hydrogen at its testing center in Arjeplog, northern Sweden. According to the manufacturer, integrated functional testing and validation of the fuel cell system, hydrogen tanks, battery and central vehicle control unit confirmed the fuel cell driveline is capable of operating normally in sub-zero temperatures.

Read full article: BMW conducts winter testing of iX5 Hydrogen | Automotive Testing Technology International

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