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Reliable, Accurate, Insightful

Reliable, Accurate, Insightful

Meeting The Demands of Evolving Markets

A little over 20 years ago, GP:50 introduced its pressure transducers into the aerospace market. Our ability to provide custom designs to meet unique application needs has afforded us a competitive stance in the aerospace market, so that today, aerospace has grown to be one of our largest market segments. Globally, the aerospace market is anticipated to grow to more than $352 billion by year 2023. The key drivers of that growth include high replacement rate, changing technologies, and increased aircraft size to accommodate the anticipated high net-worth population increase.

Because the aerospace industry demands rugged instrumentation with high-accuracy and the capacity to withstand high-shock, high pressure, powerful vibration levels and more, we focus on product development to meet those demands across a wide array of applications:

 • Aircraft Engine Test Stands • Aviation and Suborbital Spacecraft • Commercial and Military Satellites • Cryogenic Custody Transfer • Deep Space • Fuel and Propulsion Systems • Fuel Test Stands • General Aviation • Helicopter and Rotorcraft • High Temperature Gas Measurement • Hydraulic Test Stands • Launch Vehicles • Liquefied Fuel Pressures • Liquid Gas Custody Transfer • Liquefied Natural Gas Pressures • Military and Civilian Aircraft • Miniature Propulsion Platforms • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles • R&D Laboratory Research • Rocket Propulsion Systems • Satellite Propulsion • Space Flight Vehicles

Water Treatment Solutions

Improper waste water treatment and management services have a direct impact on public health and leads to air, land, surface, and groundwater pollution. That’s why at GP:50, we ensure our Model 311-M351 submersible lift station and sludge level transmitter is constructed of an all stainless steel design and incorporates a 3-inch diameter clog-resistant sensing diaphragm and corrosion-resistant protective baffle plate – features which facilitate high-accuracy level measurements, even in heavy sludge conditions. This combination of durability and accuracy in the GP:50 model 311-M351 make it the gold standard for water and wastewater level monitoring.

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