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Women in the Workforce –
Morgan Musgrove

At GP:50, we value our employees, and so in an effort to express that, we extended an invitation to the women in our organization to share their experiences in the field of technology. We now invite you to that behind the scenes look with our “Women in the Workforce” spotlight series.

Our first spotlight focuses on Morgan Musgrove, an Industrial Bonding and Wiring Technician who just hit her 6 month mark with GP:50.

      As a high schooler, Morgan Musgrove would visit the office to see how her mother, Kim Musgrove, did her technical work. Before Morgan joined the work force, she did summer work with GP:50 in 2016. Working closely with her mother, she came to love the position she was given- causing her to return to us when she was ready for a full-time position.  She currently works with the bonding and wiring of sensors before sending them off to production. GP:50 offers her a stable work environment with work she can stay focused in.

  When asked what made her want to join the field, she shared that she began working in retail which didn’t suit her, “I feel very stable at GP:50. We have a great work culture here- I feel like I have been embraced as a member of the family.” Today, she finds joy in her job, fun in the challenge, and enjoys seeing how she will do with building the sensors herself, just like her mother has done for 25 years.

   When asked what advice she would give other women trying to break into the technology fields, she answered confidently, 

  “don’t be afraid, don’t care what others think- if someone says you can’t do it, prove them wrong!” She continues with saying that even though the technology field feels like a man-driven industry, women are just as capable of doing well in this position. “Anyone can do it; if you’re willing to put your heart and mind into it, and if you are determined to do the work.” She finds herself drawn to the idea of having others in the field, including her co-worker Autum Burns, to help train her into doing the best she can with her work.

  When asked about how women in her industry can develop their leadership skills, Morgan answered, “take initiative, learn your job, and do it well. If you see an opportunity that you like, don’t tell yourself no, tell yourself yes! With the proper training, you can do anything!”

   Lastly, when asked which women inspire her, she answered that her mother is her biggest role model in life, “she fought through so much, she’s the strongest woman I know!” 

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