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Hydraulics are utilized in many applications found in our everyday life. You can find hydraulics in our car braking systems, fuel pumps, transmission, and engine oil lubrication systems. We find hydraulics in construction equipment such as cranes, earth moving equipment, fire trucks and forklifts. They’re found on aircraft, amusement park rides, farm equipment, food processing equipment, and many others.

These hydraulic systems have become more sophisticated over the last few years where a simple pressure switch, or pressure gauge, doesn’t provide adequate feedback. Today’s systems rely on real-time feedback, they control and automate the total system to provide higher efficiencies. Pressure transducers are an integral part of a hydraulic control system and assist in providing that real time feedback.  However, finding a sensor that can withstand the harsh conditions found in many hydraulic systems can be a challenge. 

Conditions such as high frequency, high amplitude pressure spikes, higher temperatures, tough environmental conditions such as wash down, or oily conditions and high mechanical shock and vibration are all present. Even in these harsh conditions, higher accuracy and higher reliability measurements are expected today.

For over 35 years GP:50 has designed, manufactured and successfully sold into the hydraulic control marketplace. For higher pressures, our single piece, no weld sensor design provides a very robust, high overpressure design that can handle millions of cycles with a reliable and accurate signal. 

The machined stainless-steel, strain gage-based sensing element has been field proven for over 35 years at GP:50 and for more than 60 years as a base sensor design in the industry.  The absence of elastomeric seals or O-rings, reduces material compatibility issues found in many competitive brands. The strain gage-based sensor also provides a robust design that can typically handle higher shock and vibrations versus many of the oil filled, piezoresistive style sensors.  For extreme hydraulic applications GP:50 also provides proof pressure options up to 10X the range, internal snubber options to dampened pressure spikes, higher shock and vibe resistant electronics as well as higher temperature options up to 350 °F. 

The GP:50 Spikes Series is designed specifically for hydraulic control systems and offers many of these enhanced features to help provide a reliable pressure measurement.  If a smaller package size and higher accuracy is required, the 340 series is a perfect fit. In addition, for OEM control systems, the 1003 series is a low-cost solution. All these products offer either an mV/V, 0-5 VDC, 4-20 mA or CANbus output option.

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