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Women in the Workforce –
Samantha Hartman

At GP:50, we value our employees, and so in an effort to express that, we extended an invitation to the women in our organization to share their experiences in the field of technology. We now invite you to that behind the scenes look with our “Women in the Workforce” spotlight series.

Our next spotlight focuses on Samantha Hartman, a Machinist Helper coming up on her first work anniversary with GP:50.

   From a young age, Samantha’s father, Dan Hartman, would bring her to the machine shop where she watched him in his work as the Machining Services Manager. Her dad showed her many of the manufacturing techniques that take place prior to the assembly of the GP:50 transducers. “Since I was little, he would bring me in and show me everything in the Machine Shop. I grew up around it, and I was always interested in being involved with it.” Following in her father’s footsteps, Samantha came to  work at GP:50 in 2021 as soon as she was old enough. She started in what’s known as “the cage,” where raw materials are stored and tracked. After a period of time, she transitioned to working in the machine shop itself where she now performs deburring of all the separate parts of our sensors and cleaning them before they’re passed on to the next stage in the process. Samantha expressed how much she really enjoys her work with GP:50. “Every day I’m learning something new. It’s never the same thing. I never get bored!” 

   When asked what advice she’d give to other women chasing their professional dreams, she confidently answered,

 “Always be open to learning something new. Always pick up new tasks with enthusiasm and learn as much as you can from your team. That’s how you move up, that’s how you grow!”

      As the only woman in the Machine Shop, the challenge of being that only woman is a common part of Samantha’s everyday work. “It can be difficult being the only woman working in the machine shop,” she said. “I’ve been told many times, ‘It’s not a woman’s job.’ However, I know I’m good at it. I don’t let it phase me.” She continues to move up in Machine Shop, picking up new tasks as she goes. It’s her favorite part about the job.

   When asked what women inspire Samantha, she answered that her mom has always pushed Samantha to work hard for what she has. “Nothing is easy. You will always have to put in the work. But it’s worth it to continue doing something you love to do.” 

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