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Women in the Workforce –
Jasmine Buck

At GP:50, we value our employees, and so in an effort to express that, we extended an invitation to the women in our organization to share their experiences in the field of technology. We now invite you to that behind the scenes look with our “Women in the Workforce” spotlight series.

Our third spotlight focuses on Jasmine Buck, an Aerospace Assembly Technician coming up on her eighth-year anniversary with GP:50.

Before Jasmine took a job with GP:50, she worked for a local grocery chain for many years where she routinely grappled with the strains of a sporadic work schedule and very little flexibility. She started searching elsewhere for a company that would provide a flexible schedule that would enable her to take care of her home during those times when her husband is away on military assignment. Jasmine found GP:50’s culture of “recognizing employees as people first” and being one to “couple flexibility with a commitment to work-life balance,” fit her needs quite nicely.

Here at GP:50, Jasmine is responsible for the assembly of electronic components into sub-assemblies. She enjoys a good challenge and the ability to grow within the company, “I set small goals to help achieve my main goals because good things take time, and I constantly feel like I’m improving!”

When asked what advice she’d give to other women entering into the technology field, she answered, “Stick to your guns, don’t ever back down. If you truly believe in what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, people will take notice!” She took note of how you often must prove yourself as a woman in the technology field. “Take initiative, motivate other women – you must always be willing to learn more. Be able to listen to and help your team.”

The women outside of our office that inspire Jasmine the most are her mother and stepmother who have always worked hard for what they have. In the office, Jasmine finds her inspiration from Georgette, our PC Board Assembly Technician. “She works hard and inspires me to stay on track with my goals. She’s a great role model for other women working in the technology field.”

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