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Models 370, 340-IM, and 1002/1003 on Display

GRAND ISLAND, New York, USA; April 25, 2023 
By C. Schwab –

GP:50, a leading manufacturer of reliable and accurate pressure, level, and temperature sensing products, is pleased to announce its participation in the OTC Conference 2023, to be held at NRG Park in Houston, TX from May 1-4. GP:50 will be showcasing its latest line of transducers including the 370, 340-IM, and 1002/1003 models at Booth #1255.

The industry exclusive model 370 WECO® Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter is ruggedly designed and engineered to effectively address demanding shock and vibration and installation challenges within the oilfield environment. It features corrosion-resistant, high strength fasteners to eliminate housing breakage and its stainless steel construction is designed for use in harsh environments such as offshore drilling rigs, production platforms, and pipelines.

The 340-IM model is a flush face mounted industrial pressure transmitter that is expressly designed for higher viscosity media, particularly where such media can otherwise clog or damage traditional non-flush port sensors. The rugged, all-welded, Inconel design allows for greater compatibility with corrosive media. ATEX and IEC Hazardous options are available.

The model 1002/1003 is a family of lower cost, industrial grade OEM pressure transducers which feature corrosion-resistant, all stainless steel wetted parts and housings. This unit is ideal for higher volume pressure monitoring applications particularly where lower costs are required and the need for precision measurement accuracy remains. Typical applications for the model 1002/1003 include hydraulic and pneumatic control systems, pumps and compressors, and industrial engine pressure monitoring.
“We’re looking forward to showcasing our latest transducers for the Oil and Gas industry at the OTC Conference 2023,” said Bob Atwood, Vice President and COO of GP:50. “Our products are designed to meet the unique needs of the oil and gas industry, and we are confident that attendees will appreciate the high-quality construction, accuracy, and reliability of our products.”

GP:50 has been a trusted supplier of pressure, level, and temperature sensing products for over 30 years. Its products are used in a variety of industries, including aerospace, defense, and industrial automation. The company is committed to providing its customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

For more information about GP:50 and its line of transducers, please visit Booth #1255 at the OTC Conference 2023. You can also contact GP:50 NY Ltd toll-free at 1(877) 774-4751 (outside of US: +1(716) 773-9300) or via email.

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