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Product Spotlight: Model 241/341

GRAND ISLAND, New York, USA; October 18, 2018 – Model 241/341 is our most accurate pressure transducer. It is designed specifically for aerospace and automotive fields, with applications in jet engine, brake, and transmission testing to emission test stands. More than 25 years of field expertise went into the design of a pressure transducer for exceptional reliability. The compact, corrosion-resistant, complete weld stainless steel design of the Model 241/341’s compact size offers ease of installation within environments with limited space. Static accuracy is available to ±0.05% FSO, with a total thermal error of 0.20% FSO over the compensated temperature range.

Features of the model 241/341:

• High accuracy to ±0.05% FSO.
• High thermal stability +/-0.25% FSO/100 °F.
• -40 to +250 °F compensation.
• Compact, lightweight, all stainless steel design.
• Less than 4 millisecond response time.

For detailed specifications, additional information, or to request an evaluation unit, please contact GP:50 NY Ltd toll-free at 1(877) 774-4751 (outside of US: +1(716) 773-9300); via email at, or visit

GP:50 is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of specialty pressure sensors in both small and large volumes within relatively short lead times. All GP:50 pressure sensors are rigorously tested and field-proven for their high- reliability within cryogenic, high-temperature, high corrosion, hazardous area, full submersion, space rated, and other

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