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Automotive Market Trends

A trend in today’s automotive market is the development of multi-fuel engines which are capable of running on two or more different fuels with emissions that meet regulatory requirements, and efficiency that meets the expectations of consumers. Multi-fuel engines typically work on a combination of fuels ranging from diesel oil, crude oil to lighter oils such as gasoline. Such engines need to have a high compression ratio since gasoline has low cetane numbers.

Another driver in today’s market is an increase in engine downsizing where a combination of improvements to the entire engine design make it more efficient, along with the use of turbochargers with compressor blades which reduce the delay in initial acceleration. These downsized turbocharged engines increase torque and reduce fuel consumption.

The high cost associated with new vehicle development is a significant challenge in the automotive market, with the development of new vehicle models now including new chassis, body, suspension, and control systems designs. These new models must be tested to validate whether they meet performance requirements, aerodynamics, and durability standards. Testing procedures incur high costs as they are conducted using prototypes and computers by using specific software. Significant investments are required to provide logistics of human resources and materials required for testing.

GP:50 is at the forefront of meeting the automotive test stand application needs inherent in today’s market trends. Our Model 241/341 High Pressure transducer, for example, is among the most accurate available. Its compact, corrosion-resistant, all-welded stainless steel design offers ease of installation in space constrained environments, and it has a static accuracy of up to +/-0.05% with a total thermal error of 0.20% FSO over the compensated temperature range.

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